In Cautious Anticipation of Decisions Day

To the future me, 5 days from today:

It looks like it is officially Decisions Day, or more appropriately, D-Day. I can hardly imagine the kind of anxiety that must be coursing through your over caffeinated body at this point in time. Did you decide skip 8th and go home with K? Or did you consider karma and decide to stay the extra painful two hours?

Have you been obsessively stalking that one College Confidential forum, and receiving ironic comfort from the nervousness of the other applicants? Have you eaten at all today, or did you decide to skip breakfast, lunch, and dinner all together, in cautious anticipation of throwing up?

In about 5 days from now, my/your life could completely change. In about 5 days, either I/you will be celebrating, or I/you will be stuck in the basement, trying to finish 20+ college applications. In about 5 days, either we will be posting on Facebook a post that will receive 200+ likes, or we will be choosing to stay off of Facebook, and every other social media platform as you wither in sorrow and pain.

To the future me, promise me that come D-Day, you will do your best to get through the day. Promise me that you will pray before and after you find out your results, regardless of what happens. Promise me that if you get in (yay!) you will be thankful. Promise me that if you don’t get in, you’ll let yourself be sad for only a few hours and you’ll be happy for your friends.

Whatever happens, we both know how hard you’ve worked. We both know all the craziness you’ve put up with. So whatever happens, keep loving yourself and look forward to whatever God decides is best for you. After all, he knows best.


The past you, from 5 days ago.


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