J| Adult Nightmares

Throwback to the days when we would live recklessly and carelessly, when we would count seconds for hide-and-seek, not hours from nine to five. Throwback to the times when we would brag about how long we could hold our pee, because those were the good ol’ days when our greatest nightmares were nothing but nightmares.

Do you remember what scared you in your sleep as a child? I remember some of my early, terribly traumatizing dreams. Some of them were classic, like being chased by the ghost from the PG-13 horror movie I watched when I was 10. Some of them were laughable, but only once I woke up; I once dreamt that I was trapped in a tower by the witch from Dora the Explorer and woke up, covered in cold sweat. Some of them were legit creepy. I remember in one of my nightmares I had been hypnotized by a magician who was crazy in love with me. He was super ugly. It’s strange to think that the things that scared me as a child as so laughable now that I’m older.

These days when I have nightmares, the memory haunts me for days. My nightmares aren’t about trivial matters anymore. I have nightmares about accidentally joining a cult, or getting mugged in broad, public, daylight, or my grandparents leaving forever, or not getting into college, or Donald Trump becoming president and driving this country into the ground. The scariest thing is, these scenarios are all very plausible. I hope living vicariously through my dreams will be the closest I ever get to these these vicious scenarios.


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