K| Running

I’m running because that’s what they’re all doing,

all around me,

all the time.

I’m running as hard as I can,

but it’s not fast enough.

It’s not nearly fast enough.

There are no breaths left for me to take,

so I stop trying to breathe.

Can you run without breathing, though?

I have more questions, but I’m afraid to ask,

So I won’t.

I’m falling behind, everyone can see that.

All I can make out in the distance are the shining logos of shoes

that I cannot afford.

I pretend not to notice how slow I am compared to

everybody else, but here I am,


I’m running and I’m running

and I’m running.

If you ask me “where to?” I don’t know,

so just don’t.

I am afraid to stop running

but I am more afraid that I’ll never stop.


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