K| World History Minus Some

In World History Class, we learn the history of the world,

We study the imbalances in world trade,

The west’s commercial outreach,

The Columbian Exchange and the Italian Renaissance,

And when it is time for a test,

We learn to choose one of three Asian countries to study: Korea, Vietnam, or Japan,

One of three,

I believe I picked Vietnam,

And because of that, World History, for me, does not include either Korea or Japan,

But in the context of the test, there were only about three questions about Vietnam anyways,

So in the context of the entire world, I guess none of the three Asian countries really matter?

In World History Class, we learn of the history of the world minus some of the world,

We realize that there are slaves and there are enslavers,

In World History Class, we learn that not everyone matters, and some people, actually entire nations of human beings, will always be more important than others.

I wrote this poem around the middle of this past school year and although it is an honest representation of how I felt about world history class, I was extremely afraid of sharing this with people, because I absolutely adore my World History teacher. In fact, he was my favorite teacher of junior year, and I just felt that if I were to publish this, it would just break his heart. The thing is, I don’t attribute this imbalance/bias in our curriculum to his teaching. I think it was caused by the need to crunch everything that we would have to know for the AP test in time and the AP test really did not cover Asian countries’ histories as much.


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