J| Adventures of an Insomniac

“What keeps you up at night?” a certain essay prompt inquired. I have a horrible habit. I am always in search of the perfect answer. But perfection does not equate to honesty.

I lingered on this prompt for several days. I thought about opening up with a joke about homework or Netflix, before deciding it would be horribly distasteful. I thought about mentioning Greece or North Korea to show I was both politically aware and selfless, only to conclude that it was angle much too overdone. I considered going on a rant that consisted of wicked self loathe and dissatisfaction to earn the sympathy vote. But that would just be pathetic.

It’s 10:43 pm in Korea at the moment. My dad is sleeping with his glasses on. I should be sleeping too, but I can’t. What keeps me up at night? I ask myself. Stupid essay prompts. I answer.


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