J| To Fear Or Not To Fear

That is the question. Fear is one of those things that deserves it’s own delicate balance. You can’t have too much of it (“I’m too scared to step outside!”), but you can’t completely ignore it either (“Psh. I’m not scared of jumping off a 12 story building with my homemade blanket parachute!”). And while the examples I have mentioned are rather the two extremities, the middle line between things to fear and not fear really is a blur.

Let me give you a realistic, tangible example. Currently, I am in Korea, and unless you’ve been hiding under a rock over here, you would have heard about the MERS CoV outbreak – 145 total cases and 14 deaths, as of right now. Schools have closed in panic of spreading the virus, and wherever you go people will be armed with masks and hand sanitizer. Your first instinctive feeling would be fear, which is totally normal. In fact, it is fear that motivates the government and WHO to act. Fear of contamination, fear of it spreading, fear of dying. Fear can be good.

But is it maybe possible to possess too much fear? Is it okay to close schools for months, when the virus hasn’t even reached your city? Is it okay to skip your college entrance exam? My example might be a bit bad since it deals with possible life v death, but you get my point. Too little fear, bad, but too much fear, also bad. Where’s the happy medium?



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