K| Before I Fall Asleep

I want to fall asleep quickly, but I know I won’t,

So I write novels in my head since it never works out on paper,

And I think about making it in this world,

Because it’s something that everyone’s been saying lately,

And I feel like it may encompass everything that I want,

But it may not,

And I wonder if I’ll wake up and feel something different,

Although I’m not sure what.

I get lost between the ands of my thoughts,

And I’m so afraid of run-on sentences,

And I think about my shortcomings,

But never for too long,

And I think about the funny things I’ve said today,

And I wonder if anyone else found them funny

And I decide I’m hilarious – I’m not sure if I’m kidding or not – And I feel okay,

And I fall asleep always feeling



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