So, we’ve been doing this wrong…Whoops

As you all know, this blog, Tip of the Tongue Syndrome, is composed by 3 writers, A, K, and J. When we first got this idea of starting a blog together, it was in the media center of our high school and we didn’t even know what site to use yet. So, instead of researching for an English project like we were supposed to, we decided to look up blogs instead, and we found that we liked WordPress the best. Shout outs to you WordPress.

However, being the sometimes impulsive and capricious people that we are, we got so excited that we just created an account together on the same day we got the initial idea and and we didn’t even really try to figure out how to use this site before publishing blog posts.

The way that we’ve been differentiating the three different writers is by putting our initial, A, K, or J, in the title of each post. But, last week or so, we just found out that you don’t have to do that and that the normal way to have a blog with multiple authors is for each of the authors to have their own separate account. Now, truth to be told, the reason why we haven’t done anything about that yet is because we really like being able to fix each others’ typos. But, you know, it is what it is and we should probably do this the right way.

So, from now on, there will be three separate authors contributing to this blog through three separate accounts. We just wanted to clarify this so that our readers will have a heads up to these changes. I also want to point out that this means the first 18 posts, including this one, will start to show up as all by the writer K, because K is going to take over this current account, which is why we’re going to leave the initials in the titles so that people can still know that there were three different writers contributing to Tip of the Tongue Syndrome from the very start. We hope these changes will make our blog better and more clear.

We love all 17 (or so) of you.


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