K| The Best Birthday Gift

8 years ago, on this very day, I received the best birthday gift of my entire life, the gift of my baby brother. (He’s 8 now, so I guess I can’t exactly call him a baby anymore.) That’s right, today’s my brother’s birthday. I know, it’s very cute: my birthday is May 2nd and my brother’s is May 3rd. We take pride in this.

Sure, my brother can be an annoying little booger, but I love him. I love him so much. Before, he was a part of our family, I was an only child and my BIGGEST wish was to have a sibling. (Scratch that, I wished to have a baby SISTER, but I got over it.)

I wish I could explain the kind of excitement that I felt the first time I laid eyes on my baby brother in the hospital, I can’t.It was the most magical moment I have experienced to this day and I just don’t have the words to be able to describe it.

So, I have the next best thing. I found an essay I wrote in the fourth grade about my brother that I think will give some perspective about JUST how ECSTATIC I was about having a brother. Good luck, it’s the most annoying essay I’ve ever read, but maybe it’s just because I’m embarrassed by it.


It’s a Boy!

I just could not believe it. Finally, my biggest wish was going to come true! It seemed like a miracle to me. I marveled at what it would be like to have a sibling. How does it feel to be a big sister? I knew without exception that I would always cherish my new baby brother.

Having a sibling was the biggest change of my life, yet it was also the most wonderful change that ever occurred to me. The first time my mother told me she was pregnant I was astonished and also thrilled. I had asked over and over again whether it was true or not. It seemed like forever, but finally the day had come! I rushed into the hospital excitedly at phenomenal speed. When I first saw my brother’s lovable little face in the hospital’s crib for the first time I knew that it would alter my life. Even so, I was never skeptical about having a sibling, because even though it was a colossal change it was definitely positive. My brother is a joy to me and I appreciate and value his existence.

Having him as my sibling changed my life, and he created all the joyfulness in it. Every time I practice piano he would sit on my lap and randomly play. Then, he would laugh so happily in his adorable bambino ways that I have to join in and giggle. Almost every night before my brother would sleep my mother and I would tickle him until all our stomachs ached from laughing so hard. Also, when my brother takes a shower he never sits in his infant chair like he is supposed to. Instead my brother stands up and splashes the water so hard that I feel like I am the one taking a shower. My brother has brought all the laughter and happiness to the family.

My brother also helped me mature and gain responsibility. Once, my mother was taking a walk outside when it suddenly started to storm terribly hard. My father had to drive outside and pick her up. In emergences like this I have the responsibility of taking care of my brother. I entertained him, held him, and most importantly made sure he was safe. In addition, even if it is not my job to take care of him I always keep a watchful eye on my brother and make sure he is not near any danger. Another time, my brother was throwing up for no apparent reason and could not stop. That was when I saw something orange in his mouth. When I pulled it out, I realized that it was a candy wrapper and he ate it. After that horrible incident everyone had to be more careful when watching him. I became more dependable and reliable because of my brother’s presence.

After my brother was born I changed into a more caring and generous person. Every time my family travels to somewhere I always try to help my parents get my brother ready. When we went to play tennis one day, I made sure that my brother was wearing his hat, shoes, and coat. I laughed at the sight of my brother. He looked like he was from the Arctic with all that clothing on. Even though my family couldn’t do many things we used to do, everyone loves my brother very much and enjoys spending time with him every minute. I used to be an only child but with my brother besides me I learned to think of other people before myself, which is a very valuable lesson.

In summary, having my brother is such a joy and positive change. It has been so much more pleasant and cheerful with my brother. Not only did he bring me felicity and bliss, I have also gained much responsibility because of his presence. I even became less selfish and more generous and mature since he was born. My brother is a true happiness and treasure to me. In conclusion, I will very much cherish him always.

The End.

I applaud you if you were able to get through the entirety of this atrocity of an essay. I couldn’t even do it myself.

To my brother:

When I decide to share this blog with you when you’re older one day, I hope that you will still know that I love you so much. Yeah, you can be quite a handful at this age, so much so that sometimes I scream at you (I’m very sorry), but I wish you only the very best and I would give anything for you to be as happy as you are now forever.


Your Sister


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