K| 17

Today, I turn 17 years old. God, I can’t even believe it to be honest. Sure, 16 was starting to feel a bit too young and not as sweet as it was at this time last year, but 17? Now, 17 is just SO old and I seriously can’t believe that it’s me. I am 17. Wow. It’s probably going to take me months to get used to the new number, the same way it takes me multiple days to realize it’s a new month. Lucky for me, it’s both the new month and my new age.

When I was younger, I used to believe that birthdays were all about celebrating me. I used to be so meticulous about how I was going to spend my birthday, making sure that I would have a squeaky clean room, a perfect outfit, and a fastidiously decorated house to wake up to on my birthday. (I decorated the house myself.) I would make sure my parents got the exact cake that I wanted and I would ask them to wish me happy birthday before they even had the chance to say good morning to me.

But as I have grown older, I have realized that my birthday really isn’t all that about myself, but rather the two people who have made my life so wonderful and so amazing, my parents, so I want to dedicate today’s post to my loving mom and dad.

17 years ago, my mom and dad were just becoming parents and for the next 17 years they made sure to love me and take care of me every single day. What else could I ask for?

When my mom first got pregnant, she was so scared. It was the year 1997. My mom had just finished her undergraduate studies and started her first job and my dad had just completed his Postdoc. Neither of my parents were making much money. How could they afford a child, they wondered. How were they going to make it work? Their careers were still on shaky grounds and they had just moved away from Boston and settled in a new state. They didn’t think they were ready.

But they made it work.

Growing up, there was never one time that I felt poor, even when we were. My parents made sure to give me everything that I ever needed and wanted and they always made me feel so loved. And I think that’s why I am who I am today. They made me confident and they made me believe in myself because of how much they believe in me.

My parents push me to work hard. They teach me to value education and knowledge. They inspire me to grow and become a better person. They show me how to love others by loving me.

Today, my 17th birthday, is about my parents and how they raised me for 17 whole years. That is such a long time and I admire them so much for it. My parents are great people, but they are also really just such great parents.

Thank you, mommy and daddy, for giving me an amazing 17 years. Soon, I’m going to be on my own. I’m not going to be able to always sleep in the house that my parents have worked so hard to earn. But I know that I’m going to be ready for that, because my parents have given me the support and motivation that I need. And the rest is up to me.

And I really really want to make them proud.

Once again, thank you.




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